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All men aren’t pigs.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick and tired of men being portrayed as simplistic idiots. I won’t buy something if it portrays a man as an idiot. That said – I doubt I’ll be buying Trojan’s any time soon. With … Continue reading

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AS a general rule, I never purchase an item based on the rebate – either I usually forget to send it in, or they have an archaic level of detail required to complete them. Still – for my job I … Continue reading

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Wide Open Racing, Please.

Week before last, TNT decided to cut the number of commercial breaks – integrate the ones they did show into the race screen – and move all the statistics to the bottom of the screen. Odd? Yes. Outstanding concept? Absolutely. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 5 – The Order of The Phoenix [*****]

For the record – I haven’t read the book. In fact, although I am a major fan of all the movies thus far – I’ve only read the Goblet of Fire. See, the reason is – every movie adaptation of … Continue reading

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Coke Zero – A step in the right direction.

Our nations obsession with the soft drink is nearly as dangerous as its obsession with the hard drink. Course, I’d rather wake up with a hangover than 10lbs heavier due to the amount of sodium and empty calories I’ve consumed. … Continue reading

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Another nail in the coffin…

I believe that one of the final nails in the coffin of Big Music will get hammered into place on July 15th, 2007. On that day, 300% to 1200% increases in the royalties paid will be due from Internet broadcasters … Continue reading

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Manasquan – July 2007

Decided to introduce the gf to my old vacation stomping ground – Manasquan, NJ this past week. We stayed at the Inn on Main, and despite the neurotic owner had a great time. Highlights – the beach, Surf Taco, Asia … Continue reading

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